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Interview | Architect & Interior Designer, Telly Theodore

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CALIDA: Tell us a little about your career background – what path led you to interior design initially?

TT: I am a UTS graduate, who after having worked for offices such as Allen Jack & Cottier & BKH, founded my own studio in 1997. I trained in architecture, and my studio involves itself in an equal share of projects between interiors & buildings. It stands to reason that a building is there to form some type of interior. So it goes without saying – we love interiors!

CALIDA: How would you describe your design style?

TT: I’d like to think that at the least my design style is…….considered.


CALIDA: What sets your design style apart from the rest?

TT: I would really like to think because it’s great work! At the most I hope it’s because we really listen to the brief and then deliver something beyond expectations.

CALIDA: What are two projects you have really enjoyed working on in recent years?

TT: I just did a small bar & bakery in the city called Sourdough. The clients were really happy with the results and they seem to be going great guns, which is really what it’s all about.
Most exciting though is just being commissioned by the City of Sydney in collaboration with Andy Macdonald and Danella Bennett as part of Art & About. We have proposed a 3 storey cube structure of edible plants in front of Green Square station, which excuse the pun, is a little out of the box for us, but has been a really rewarding process. We are gifting the entire 20,000 plants to the community at the end, as part of the exercise.

CALIDA: Can you tell us about any projects do you have in the pipeline?

TT: The Great Crate – check us out on Facebook & Twitter. As well as a lovely house or two, and of course a few interiors. I am doing an apartment interior in a great building in Melbourne which is shaping up to be exciting.

CALIDA: Where do you get your inspiration?

TT: Looking…. especially movies. A good director knows how to use space in film to create an atmosphere and a lot of the time what we are trying to do is create an atmosphere or personality, especially when it comes to interiors.

CALIDA: Do you follow any design websites or blogs?

TT: I do enjoy a blog called It definitely has a mood about it which I am particularly partial too. Not overly prescriptive and yet not ridiculously eclectic.

CALIDA: What advice do you have for aspiring interior designers and architects?

TT: Stick with it and learn your craft – the rest should follow.

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